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A covenant is a formal agreement between two parties. Assuming both parties enter into the covenant of their own free will, it is a bond that cannot be broken. As time goes on, that covenant will be tested and its validity questioned by skeptics, but it will remain if it is real.

God's covenant with his people is real. It began with a promise made to Noah and was renewed in the person of Jesus Christ. It has been tested by man through sin and by evil through Jesus' trials in the desert. But here in 2015, it still remains as strong as ever.

This Lent, take time to rediscover and reflect on this covenant God has with us. Reclaim your baptism and make it a motivating factor in how you live your life. Take the opportunity this Lenten season provides to increase your devotion and spirituality. You will be tested and you will suffer trials, for life is not always easy. But God has always upheld his part of the agreement. Now is the time to take our part in this covenant more seriously.





















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